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Frequently Asked Questions 

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide variety of clients from businesses and industrial operations, CEO’s, Executives and high net-worth individuals needing to minimize their risk in private or public spaces to your average person traveling with family and looking for extra safety. Either way, DSARM has you covered. Each family or organization and their situation is unique, and our team will customize a travel security solution specific to your requirements.

Our Travel Security not only provides you with security while traveling, but allows you to have peace of mind so that you can focus fully on your work or recreational activities.

Our priorities are to:

  • Create an unobtrusive but safe environment where you can be as productive as possible in work and social activities

  • Provide locally relevant, fact-based guidance in order to minimize your risk in all areas

  • Represent you and your organization through emotional intelligence and physical security if needed.
How do we do it?

After an initial briefing, DSARM performs a detailed risk assessment of your travel plans. We then provide a report, and propose a “Travel Security Plan” to suit your needs. With a large team of highly-skilled, qualified and experienced travel security experts, you are guaranteed the right people for the job.

Our priority is to first and foremost minimize your risk exposure, and create a secure but comfortable environment for you and your team to work in. We plan for potential threats and unwanted outcomes before they happen, and ensure that nothing will catch us off-guard. We have reliable contacts in most African countries that regularly update us with security-related intelligence.

Your travel security team’s responsibilities will include:

*Assessing the risks and security requirements of your travel

*Planning logistics and other aspects of your security detail

*Driving, escorting or shadowing you and your team along your journey

*Acting as a point of contact for in-country information and emergency situations

How do we understand the risks in the area?

Security risk reports provide the organization a comprehensive understanding of what we refer to as ‘Ground Security’ – knowing the risks of the area of operations – country, region and locale. It is vital to obtain a comprehensive threat overview of all international locations where travel will be conducted within. Accurate risk assessments and country security risk reports will provide for a more informed and balanced decision making capability regarding operational security concerns.

I'm not rich. I don't need a bodyguard.

The biggest risk to any traveler in a foreign country is a vehicular accident. Further, most robberies, abductions and violent opportunistic crime occurs in or near a vehicle. It is therefore essential that journey management plans are prepared and rigorously enforced.

Security – In some countries, the use of Executive Protection may be required to manage individual and group security. Executive protection is no longer a service for the rich and famous. The Modern professional ‘bodyguard’ acts in an enabling role, facilitating the movement of executives through the plethora of risks that exist.

Is my intellectual property safe overseas?

DSARM is pleased to offer a full suite of Intellectual Property Protection consulting services delivered by internationally recognized subject matter experts with unparalleled experience in protecting proprietary information, trade secrets, and other intellectual property within the intelligence community.

  • Locating and safeguarding Critical Business Information is a priority
  • Establishing and Monitoring Personal Risk Indicators
  • IP Loss Alerts
  • Governance, policy, legal advice if needed
  • Experienced investigative response to suspected loss of proprietary data
  • Interviews and obtaining confessions
  • Referrals to and liaison with law enforcement and prosecutors
Do we have to PHYSICALLY see security at our event? Are they discreet?

Our team understands that we are there to operate in an enabling function, to assist the events team at every juncture and not to slow down, or complicate matters with inflexible security protocol. We also place an emphasis on brand reputation and ensuring the customer, and stakeholder experience is faultless. We focus on making sure all our plans minimize overt security where possible, and if not possible that the security encountered are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and customer-focused.

Can your team provide surveillance?

DSARM personnel are all Subject Matter Experts in detecting pre-operational surveillance and surveillance in general.  All surveillance team members average over (10) years of experience executing surveillance type activities for the USG and another (10) years in the private sector.  All members are Bureau of Diplomat Security Service trained and undergo a continuous professional development process annually. DSARM personnel have been conducting private sector activities in surveillance and due diligence since 2008 throughout the DSARM Areas of Operations.

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