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Let Us Lend a Helping Hand

DSARM provides all African services in English, French and in most cases the local dialects used in-country. We have former American Embassy senior level security personnel that have been USG trained and vetted embedded in our African subsidiaries. Our African personnel are Subject Matter Experts on both Anglophone and Francophone laws with knowledge gained through training, experience, and interactions with host governments.

DSARM can provide all types of security training in both English and French languages. Our 360 degrees of training range from a two week local guard classroom program of written instruction to conducting extensive surveillance detection courses and supporting Executive Protection Details on the African Continent.

Executive Protection

We have experts who have a wide range of experience in various Executive Protection tasks and environments. DSARM experts provide security measures to ensure the safety of our clients, as well as provide them with a customized detail to suit their needs.

*Protection Specialist
*International Protection Specialist
*Protective Security Advances
*International Security Advances
*High Risk Protection Specialist
 (Hostile/War Environments)

Security Services

DSARM provides experienced and highly trained security personnel to individuals, organizations and companies around the world. We are able to provide an effective array of innovative security needs to our clients.

*Physical Security/Vulnerabilities
*Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM)
*Corporate Security Planning and Operational Support
*Hotel Security Planning and Operational Support
*International/Domestic Security monitoring
*Red Carpet/Corporate & Special Event Security Services

International Emergency Security

Our team can provide experts that provide global emergency response during a demonstration, political conventions, and natural or man-made disasters.

*Static and mobile security for facilities, events, and business sites.
*Security and Escorts for businesses personal
*Risk Mitigation & Crisis Management

Investigative / Due Diligence Services

DSARM has an Africa investigative reach.  DSARM is well prepared to address a wide and diverse variety of investigative categories ranging from international background/due diligence to complex financial fraud.  All DSARM investigative personnel have extensive international experience conducting any type civil or criminal investigation.  Many of our personnel are former investigators previously working for the American embassies in the DSARM geographical areas of operation.

*Background Investigations
*International Due Diligence Investigations
*Fraud Investigations
*Cyber Investigations
*Overseas Security Awareness for Business Travelers
*Threat Analysis for Geographic locations around the World


Security Training Services

We provide customized security courses to meet our client’s needs. Our training courses are focused in the areas of:

*Travel Safety & Security

*Insider Threat Training

*Active Shooter Training

*Surviving Hostile Regions

*Basic and Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation Training

*Detecting Deception & Eliciting Responses with a Cultural Emphasis



LOKSAK sells products in markets as diverse as the applications of our products.  We sell internationally into most outdoor and civilian markets as well as all branches of the military, government and law enforcement worldwide.

Security / Technical Application Services

DSARM understands the importance of protecting and retrieving your digital information and data.With this in mind, DSARM has personnel with detailed technical experiences in computer and mobile device forensics, and data recovery.  Each examination will be tailored to fit client needs.

*Computer Forensics
*Digital Investigations
*Mobile Device Data Forensics
*Digital Data Recovery
*Social Media Profiling